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ThinkFree Mobile Office Android Edition

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Thinkfree Mobile Office is for managing your documents in your android device. It allows to view, edit and share your documents. Thinkfree has “My Office” online storage. Every user gets a free online storage space of 1 GB which can be easily accessed from anywhere.
Think free Mobile Office includes Thinkfree Write word processor, ThinkFree Calc Spreadsheets and Thinkfree show slide maker. It includes a pdf viewer also. Thinkfree supports MS Office 2003 and 2007 documents. It can be used to view doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx and pptx documents. New documents can be created in docx format (MS Office 2003) with Thinkfree Write. But it is not possible to create spread sheets and presentations in MS office 2003 format. ThinkFree office has View mode and Edit mode.

Thinkfree Mobile Office comes with lot of features which makes it an awesome document manager for your mobile. Thinkfree Mobile Office includes a feature called Scribble Pad which allows to draw objects. Also you can insert pictures from gallery or take using camera. ThinkFree office edit mode is very user friendly. Text selection can be done easily by clicking the arrow icon. Selection can be adjusted by using pointers in both sides. Cut, Copy or Paste can be done very easily.
In ThinkFree Calc, you can manage the rows and columns easily. Insert or delete rows and columns can be done by one touch. Also the size can be adjusted very easily. It also has formulas which can be used for mathematical calculations and data analysis. Also borders can be added. It has the option to vies charts and graphs.
Thinkfree show has outline and full screen views. There is option to insert pictures and objects. The file manager in Thinkfree Mobile Office helps to access the files easily.
ThinkFree mobile office can be downloaded from Android market

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