Son Tristan is engaged

Thomas Gottschalk Son Tristan is engaged Thomas Gottschalk (left) and son Tristan at a soccer game in Munich in 2012. © imago images/Action Pictures Thomas Gottschalk’s son Tristan is getting married. This is revealed by the 71-year-old “Wetten, dass ..?” Moderator in a new interview. Shortly before his one-time “Wetten, dass ..?” Comeback next Saturday

2,400 expected today… Highest death toll in 10 months

Today (5th), the number of new confirmed cases is expected to be around 2,400. The government decided to put more weight on the seriousness rate and the number of deaths than on the number of patients as a criterion for judging the current situation as the phased recovery began, but the number of deaths per

“Temptation Island VIP”: This has never been done before!

The new season of “Temptation Island VIP” starts on November 11th on RTL +. The preview trailer already reveals: It has probably never been so dramatic on the island of temptation … “Temptation Island VIP” 2021: These celebrity couples are there! This year, too, join in “Temptation Island VIP” again four celebrity couples take a

Thomas Gottschalk: Son Tristan is engaged

Thomas Gottschalk His son Tristan is getting married © imago images Things couldn’t go better for TV veteran Thomas Gottschalk at the moment: On November 6th, after a long time, he will be back on the “Wetten, dass …” stage in front of an audience of millions – and there is also a wonderful reason