Today’s SBS 8 News Preview (January 24)

[SBS 8뉴스] Today on SBS 8 News ▶ Omicron’s dominant species is in full swing… “Refrain from traveling during the Lunar New Year holidays” ▶ U.S. orders withdrawal of Ukrainian embassy staff… Russia-Western tensions escalate ▶ Jaemyung Lee “I lacked a lot, I will do better” ▶ Yoon Seok-yeol “We will normalize South Korea-U.S. training

[단독] Distributing livestock products ordered to be destroyed by fire

A company that distributes and sells livestock products ordered to be discarded ahead of the Lunar New Year has been caught under a joint government crackdown. Although Korean beef has a traceable history number, it has been found that illegal distributors caught in the crackdown have circumvented the crackdown by changing the history number to