From MBTI to personal color, presidential candidate TMI summary

, miscellaneous presidential election information that may be useful or surprising to know! is composed of taste, body, talent, and advanced areas, and is a multiple choice choice. Watch the video and guess the correct answer together. Subscribers, how many correct answers did you get? Were there any candidates with similar tendencies to me? Of

Song Young-gil “The ‘regime change’ strengthens due to the lack of the Democratic Party… Controversy from the country’s situation”

Democratic Party leader Song Young-gil said that the strong frame for regime change was due to the lack of the Democratic Party, and said that there was a lot of controversy from the so-called ‘fatherland situation’. Representative Song Young-gil said, “Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon is accusing him of unreasonable corruption of himself, his wife and mother-in-law,

He is “fascinated” by computer games

Prince George He is “fascinated” by computer games Prince William and Prince George at a performance in London. © imago/i Images Eight-year-old Prince George is “fascinated” by computer games. Prince William revealed this during an appearance. Like most children, the future heir to the British throne Prince George (8) is also enthusiastic about computer games.