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Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom

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Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom is a puzzle game. Here you have to direct four hero pigs through hell. The four heroes are the Greedy Hungry Pig, the Armored War Pig, the highly Stinky Pest Pig, and the Ghostly Death Pig. The goal of this game is to get rid of the creatures that create ‘Aporkalypse’ and save the pig world. The 4 hero pigs have different types of abilities. You have to use them logically to pass the levels in this funny comic world. This game has 30 challenging levels.

The first level starts with the Hunger Pig. You have to direct him the next level. You can move the pig in different directions using the touchpad. You can increase your points by picking the gold coins on the path. You have to face lot of challenges in the path. But you can manage it by using the unique abilities of the pigs.
The Hunger Pig has the ability to gobble up a wooden cube. You can regurgitate it in a different place to make the way. The War Pig can destroy enemies. Stinky Pest Pig can make enemy pigs in your control. Death Pig can walk like a ghost. Sometimes you have to operate different switches to open gates on the path. Also you have to make bridges to travel.
When you reach the fourth level you can free the War Pig. From level 16, you will get the last one – Death pig. The 4 brother pigs have to travel together in the following levels. You have to combine the different abilities of the four pigs wisely to solve the puzzle and go to next level.

This game has colorful cartoony graphics. The Music is also good. Some levels of the game are challenging and funny, but many levels are little bit boring also. This game is a good time killer.

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