Chrishell Reacts to Joke About Her and G Flip Adopting a ‘Lesbian Daughter’


Chrishell Stause

As Selling Sunset fans reel from the season 5 reunion, Chrishell Stause is continuing to have fun with the reaction to her romance with G Flip.

The 40-year-old real estate agent reposted comedian Grace Kuhlenschmidt’s fake news story about Stause and her 27-year-old partner.

“Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Straus [SIC] and non-binary Australian drummer G-Flip adopt adult lesbian daughter from Facebook Marketplace,” the “headline” reads.

The quip also includes a fake quote from Stause: “I’m used to selling houses, but I’ve never bought a kid before, and this adult was only $36.”

The Netflix star took to the comments section to joke about her ex Jason Oppenheim’s reaction to the “story,” writing, “Jason punching the air. Thank you to all your well wishes for our bundle of joy.”

G Flip added, “We are so so thrilled ❤️ thank you so much x.”

Chrishell Stause Reacts to Joke About Her and G Flip Adopting a Lesbian Daughter From Facebook Marketplace 3

G Flip and Chrishell Stause
Courtesy of Chrishell Stause/Instagram

After Kuhlenschmidt responded, “Love you mom sorry i don’t know how to spell your last name yet,” Stause kept the joke going. “It’s ok sweetie. All in due time,” she responded. “For now you can just call me mommy 🥰.”

The musician also replied, writing, “It’s okay honey……. I cant spell moms name either. We will work on spelling after we practice drums for 37 hours.”

Stause even shared Kuhlenschmidt’s post on her own Instagram Story, which sparked confusion for fans.

“They [SIC] amount of people in the comments & replies to this that don’t understatement that it is a JOKE is actually startling,” Stause wrote. “Soooo tempting to post some of the replies. I am happy and can take a joke! This comedian made me laugh with her post. But no guys, we did not adopt an adult for $36 on Facebook Marketplace. Lol.”

Chrishell Stause Reacts to Joke About Her and G Flip Adopting a Lesbian Daughter From Facebook Marketplace 4

G Flip
Richard Milnes / MEGA

Stause confirmed her romance with G Flip at the Selling Sunset reunion, which started streaming on Friday, May 6. The news came after she and Oppenheim split over her desire to have kids.

“I’m very open to good energy. I don’t know what my future holds. … I know being in this position, we get judged constantly, but at the end of the day, I’m so happy,” she explained. “I am hoping to have a family but I’ve also taken some of the pressure off myself as far as what that looks like. I don’t necessarily have to have the child myself — [I’m] open to adoption, things like that. And so I’m just kind of enjoying right now and having a lot of fun and dating.”

Stause, who has also joked via Instagram Stories about coming out of the closet, doubled down on her message about starting a family while poking fun at her costar Maya Vander’s surprised reaction to the relationship.

“Me realizing how many people didn’t know you can adopt children on your own,” the Dancing With the Stars alum captioned a meme with Vander’s face. “Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the mothers that are with us and to those that no longer are🙏🏼Absolutely no matter how you got there. 💯.”

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