Selling Sunset’s Maya Hopes to Get Pregnant Again After ‘Freak’ Stillbirth


One day at a time. Maya Vander opened up about how she and her family are coping after her pregnancy loss, noting during the season 5 Selling Sunset reunion that she’s doing “much better.”

The 40-year-old reality star told host Tan France that “time helps” when moving forward from a tragedy like the one she experienced. “When s–t had hit the fan … everybody was so kind here,” she said of her costars during the special, which hit Netflix on Friday, May 6. “You know, life happens.”

As the emotional conversation continued, Maya shared more details about delivering her stillborn son. “I was 38 weeks and apparently it was a freak accident. We got the autopsy report about a month ago,” she continued. “It was just a bad accident with [the umbilical] cord mixed with some swallowed placenta. But I’m doing much better. And, you know, I have my husband. He’s amazing. My kids are great. They, you know, keep me going and I have work and I’m busy, so I don’t have time to sit and cry all day long.”

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The real estate mogul revealed via Instagram in December 2021 that she suffered a stillbirth after announcing her pregnancy that July. “I always heard of it but never imagined I’ll be part of the statistics,” she wrote at the time.

Maya told Us Weekly exclusively that month that she had “no crazy symptoms” throughout her third pregnancy. “I felt less movement a few days prior,” she recalled. “I went to a private ultrasound check and everything was fine and looked normal. … I delivered a normal baby that looked like he was sleeping. This will chase me forever.”

The Israel native and her husband previously welcomed son Aiden in April 2019 and daughter Elle in May 2020. During Friday’s reunion special, Maya said she felt “very lucky” to be raising her “two beautiful children,” but she’ll never forget the baby she lost.

“I have my moments. You know, we all do and that’s part of the grief,” she added, noting that she hoped to raise awareness for pregnancy loss and to support other parents who have been through something similar. “I feel like I’m, you know, inspiring women and I think it helps for women to know that they’re not alone.”

Selling Sunset Maya Vander Is Doing Much Better After Delivering Stillborn Son 2

Maya Vander

Though she noted that the “void” of her loss “is still there,” Maya shared that she does want to continue expanding her family. “I think part of my healing is getting pregnant again,” she explained. “And I really hope I will.”

France, 39, thanked Maya for sharing her story. “I think you’re Superwoman,” the Queer Eye personality said. “I’m blown away. … I pray it happens for you.”

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