Song Ga-in to make a special appearance in the movie ‘Cicada’… “From now on, only sing hard!”


Trot singer Ga-in Song made a special appearance in the movie ‘Cicada’ and showed off her acting.

The movie ‘Cicada’ is a human drama depicting the deep conflict and reconciliation between a woman and a woman who have met each other for the first time in 20 years between life and death.

Director Lee Choong-ryeol, who gained a lot of attention with ‘Warnangsori’, has released a new film for the first time in 13 years.

He said that he left a strong impression by not only acting but also performing songs, but there was no reason not to appear as a PR ambassador for Jindo when he heard that he was filming a movie in Jindo.

Song Ga-in, who tried acting for the first time, said that she thought that acting should be done by actors, and was nervous that she would only work hard in singing in the future.

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