Flying with the palm of your hand… Korean Air’s ‘bio self-boarding’ service


From now on, you will be able to board Korean Air domestic flights at Gimpo Airport by scanning your palm without a boarding pass.

Korean Air announced today (8th) that it will be the first domestic airline to launch a ‘bio self-boarding service’ for domestic flights departing from Gimpo Airport.

When a passenger places their palm on the device at the boarding gate, the palm vein pattern, which is the pre-registered passenger’s unique information, is read.

No need to take out a paper or mobile boarding pass and scan a bar code, just the palm of your hand to check your identity and boarding pass information.

Palm veins are a person’s unique biometric information like fingerprints, so they are being used as a means of next-generation identification.

Korean citizens aged 7 years or older can use this service.

In advance, present your ID at the bio-certification self-registration counter on the domestic departure floor of Gimpo Airport, and then register your palm veins after consenting to the use of personal information.

Korean Air expects to enhance efficiency and security through palm vein biometric information that is free from theft, duplication, or loss, and significantly shortens the time it takes to board an aircraft.

Since August of last year, Korean Air has partnered with Korea Airports Corporation to build and test the system.

Korean Air will start service at five gates at Gimpo Airport from today, and plan to expand the service to all gates for domestic flights at Gimpo Airport within the year.

From August, the service will also be provided at Gimhae Airport.

Korean Air is actively introducing biometric information-based technology, such as introducing ‘One ID’, a facial recognition service from airport authorities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore in the United States.

One ID is a service that integrates identification procedures performed separately at airports, immigration agencies, and airlines into one using passenger biometric information.

(Photo = Courtesy of Korean Air, Yonhap News)

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