Concealer..a magic wand to hide dark circles


06:00 am

Tuesday 08 February 2022

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The German Association of Body Care and Detergent Products Companies said that concealer is a magic wand to hide dark circles, explaining that it is sufficient for light circles to use a concealer one degree lighter than the skin color, bearing in mind that this concealer contains a moisturizing substance.

The association added that dark circles, whose color tends to blue, can be hidden with a concealer in one of the shades of the color spectrum extending from yellow to orange.

It is also better in the case of dark circles to use an eye serum that contains moisturizing materials such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, to be distributed in gentle circular motions; This gentle massage improves blood flow, thus removing swelling and getting rid of dark circles.

For a look of bright eyes, you can also apply a light eyeliner on the waterline or a glossy highlighter – in the degree of champagne, for example – in the inner corner of the eye or at the highest point below the eyebrow.

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