There was a wedding! Mariana Torres married Jonathan Niewnow


After a year of engagement, actress Mariana Torres fulfilled her dream of marrying builder Jonathan Niewnow.

The 36-year-old actress shared some of the details of the special moment on social networks, as well as the process.

In February, while visiting the Riviera Nayarit he gave her the engagement ring.


“I still don’t believe it. I always wondered how you would know who that person would be to share your life with, and today it’s clear to me that you only know it, that you feel it and that life takes care of putting on and taking off, that you should always put your heart first and he will know how to guide you, that the time is perfect and that the path is incredible. I am happy to be your wife soon,” wrote Mariana in an image where she shows off her ring.

The event that took place on February 6 was intimate, with the assistance of few people, as the actress shared in some images. She wore a full white sleeveless suit, while the groom wore a blue suit and brown shoes. Their wedding comes after four years of relationship.


In December, she also shared the dress test and said she was grateful, calm, and happy. Days before she had celebrated her engagement with a group of friends and finally the day came and went.e celebrated in networks by many of his famous companions, who showed their enthusiasm to see the protagonist of “Fire Burning” happily married.

“Congratulations”, “What emotion” and “Blessings. May you be very happy” were some of the good comments received from actors such as Julián Gil, Geraldine Bazán and Andrea Legarreta, respectively.

In the stories, Mariana even shared her excitement at enjoying her “First Lady’s Day” and even a clip of Jonathan taking care of a baby with the caption “Great Uncle.”



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