Pregnant Oana Nechiti: The intimate moment of the baby examination moves her to tears


Schwangere Oana Nechiti
Intimate moment during examination moves her to tears

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Oana Nechiti is becoming a mom for the second time and her emotions are riding a roller coaster. The ex-“Let’s Dance” candidate now shares a short clip on Instagram, which apparently tears.

Oana Nechiti, 33, and Erich Klann, 34, are overjoyed. The former “Let’s Dance” stars are becoming parents for the second time. The couple announced in October last year on Instagram with a series of shooting shots known. “We can experience the greatest miracle of life for the second time,” wrote the professional dancer in her post. “Our family will soon be complete and our Niki will soon be a big brother,” said Oana

It can’t be long until the birth if you take a look at the 33-year-old’s baby bump photos on Instagram. The last tests are pending. Now the mom-to-be is sharing an intimate practical moment with her fans on social media that has her tears in her eyes.

Oana Nechiti sees “My eyes are full of tears”

The short video was made during one of her last examinations at the gynecologist. The ex-DSDS juror can hear the heartbeat of the child that is still in her stomach. “My eyes are full of tears,” writes the 33-year-old and links her fiancé Erich Klann. The father-to-be shouldn’t be any less touched.

The anticipation of the little one is huge. Just recently, Oana revealed on Instagram that she can’t wait for the addition to the family to finally be born. “I often imagine life as a foursome and I’m really looking forward to it! It’s still hard to believe that we’ll experience it soon.”

Pregnant Oana Nechiti: An intimate moment during the examination moves her to tears


Stop “Let’s Dance”

The family and especially her son are said to be the reason why Oana Nechiti stopped at “Let’s Dance”. As a mother, she “feels guilty,” she told RTL. “It’s my son’s right to have mom with him.” It is “simply important to her that mom and dad are always there, he just deserves that.” Even Erich Klann no longer stands for “Let’s Dance” on the dance floor. Now the small family can fully concentrate on the offspring.

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