One year of adjustment of the police investigation authority… A 47% decrease in the prosecution’s awareness investigation


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It has been a year since the prosecution’s direct investigation scope was limited and the police’s powers were adjusted to guarantee the police’s primary and final investigative powers. The number of cases where the police hand over cases to the prosecution is close to 2020, before the adjustment of the police and investigation authority, while the number of cases of cognitive investigations by the prosecution has decreased significantly. According to data released by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office on the 4th of ‘Analysis of Prosecution Service for One Year of Implementation of the Revised Criminal System’, the number of cases sent by judicial police officers in 2021 is 1.24 million, which is close to 95% of the 1.3 million sent in 2020. The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office explained, “The figure has gradually recovered from 60.5% in the same period of the previous year in January 2021. Prosecutors explained that they are actively using the judicial control system in accordance with the adjustment of the police and investigation authority. Prosecutors said that they requested a supplementary investigation in 85,000 cases (12.3%) of the 690,000 cases sent by general judicial police officers last year, and requested a re-investigation in 22,000 cases (5.8%) of the 370,000 cases that were not sent. . Prosecutors may request a supplementary investigation when they deem it necessary to decide whether to institute prosecution in a case sent by the police. The request for supplementary investigation is one of the devices to check the police’s right to terminate the investigation due to the adjustment of the police and police investigation authority. If it is judged that the investigation is insufficient, the police may request a re-investigation. On the other hand, it was found that the number of cases recognized by the prosecution was significantly reduced due to the adjustment of the police investigation authority. Last year, there were 3,385 prosecutor-recognized cases, a 47% decrease from 6,388 cases in 2020. The number of cases directly requested or issued by prosecutors for arrest warrants also decreased significantly in 2021 (1217 claims, 885 issuance) compared to 2020 (1807 claims, 1290 issuance). The number of cases directly prosecuted or accused of by the prosecution also decreased by about 75.9% to 25,000 cases in 2021 compared to 103,000 cases in 2020. In some cases, 70.6% of complaints filed directly did not fall within the scope of the prosecution investigation and were transferred to the police. Meanwhile, it was announced that a total of five cases of high-ranking public officials were transferred to the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Agency (Public Investigation Agency), which was launched in January last year. Prosecutor Lee Kyu-won’s case of ‘false preparation of Yoon Jung-cheon’s interview report’ and the prosecution’s case of ‘indictment’ are representative cases. In September of last year, the prosecution took over the case of Cho Hee-yeon, superintendent of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, over the allegation of unfair special recruitment of dismissed teachers, and in December of last year charged them without detention. There are 1,390 cases in which the prosecution has been handed over to the Airborne Service. The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office said, “Based on the one-year analysis of system operation, we will rationally operate the system according to the revised criminal law and actively respond to matters that need improvement so that a desirable investigation system that harmonizes with the realization of specific justice and human rights protection will be established.” said. By Jeon Kwang-jun, staff reporter [email protected]

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