I stopped breathing by drinking water… Thirteen poodles abused, murderer revealed motives


The police, who investigated the case of brutally abusing and killing 10 poodles, determined that the motive of the 40-year-old suspect was ‘a family dispute caused by a poodle that was raised at home’.

The Jeonbuk National Police Agency said today (7th), “A (41), a conflict caused by the poodle he was raising with his wife, seems to have led to abuse of the adopted poodle.” .

From March to October of last year, the police have been investigating Mr. A on the charge of adopting 21 poodles from all over the country and abusing and killing 13 poodles (violation of the Animal Protection Act).

Person A was found to have killed the poodle in a brutal way, such as forcing it to drink water to make it breathless or hitting it with a blunt weapon, and then buried it in an apartment flower bed.

Of the 21 adopted poodles, two were abandoned because they were not a preferred breed, and one returned to the owner’s house during the adoption process.

The police mobilized search dogs to secure poodle bodies from the suspect’s residence and apartment flower beds.

A police official said, “It is suspected that a total of 18 animals were murdered, but five of them were excluded from the charges because it was difficult to find concrete evidence of the crime.”


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