February 8th together with education information field


Winter migratory bird watching activities
Seoul Grand Park operates the ‘Bird-watching Zoo’ program, where children directly observe winter migratory birds and pledge to protect the environment.

A winter bird’s-eye view of the zoo. Provided by Seoul Grand Park

A variety of bird-watching activities are conducted for students in grades 3 and above, divided into water bird watching and mountain bird watching. You can observe winter migratory birds from a distance using binoculars and a scope. It operates three times on the 16th, 18th, and 19th of this month, and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis at the Seoul Grand Park website (grandpark.seoul.go.kr) from 2pm on the 8th. In order to prevent COVID-19, we will proceed in small groups (5 people) while observing quarantine rules.

Coding program, family experience class
Daegu Central Library runs a special program using the coding robot ‘Cubimon’ from the 15th to the 18th, during the spring break of elementary school. After learning about coding and algorithms using Cubimon, students can easily learn various elements such as sequence, repetition, and conditional statements necessary for coding while solving various missions directly. Elementary school students who want to take the course can contact the Central Library website (library.daegu.go.kr/jungang) or the Central Library Lifelong Education Information Center (053-231-2050). The Daegu Education Museum operates the ‘Family Experience Class to commemorate the February 28th Democracy Movement’ so that elementary school students can experience local history and develop their ability to explore history. The hands-on class will be held twice on the 20th and 28th, both online and offline. The online program can use the metaverse to create a monument for the February 28 democracy movement in a meta environment called ‘Minecraft’. Offline, you can experience various experiences centered on the materials developed by the Daegu Education Museum on ‘Making the February 28 Memorial Tower’. Families who want to participate can apply on the Daegu Education Museum website (www.dge.go.kr/dme) from the 10th to 15th for the offline program and the 15th to the 16th for the online program.

Schools participating in ‘Entrepreneurship Education’

Asan Youth Runner Participating School Recruitment.  Provided by Asan Nanum Foundation

Asan Youth Runner Participating School Recruitment. Provided by Asan Nanum Foundation

The Asan Nanum Foundation recruits schools to participate in the ‘Asan Youth Runner’, an entrepreneurship education program for youth. Asan Youth Runner is a program operated to strengthen the entrepreneurship competency of middle and high school students nationwide and to spread the entrepreneurship culture in the educational field. The target audience for the program is middle and high schools nationwide, which can select and manage about 25 students. You can apply at the Asan Entrepreneurship School website (asanschool.org). editorial team


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