“Everything that counts”: Finally! The truth about Marian is revealed


All news and spoilers about “Everything that counts” in the current ticker from OKmag.de +++ Deniz learns about his father’s criminal activities +++

February 7: Huge disappointment for Sea!

Now the whole truth is coming to light: For weeks, the “Everything That Counts” fans have known how Marian (Sam Eisenstein) the money for Danielas (Berrit Arnold) actually found life-saving therapy. The restaurateur did not work as a cook on a yacht, as initially claimed, but has become a criminal again and has committed several thefts. Now you know that too Daniela and Marians friend Ben (Jörg Rohde), both deeply disappointed by Marians are lies. To protect him, the two have Marians son sea (Igor Dolgachew) but nothing of the whole so far Drama tells about his father – but through a stupid coincidence everything is now exposed. sea accidentally hears a conversation from Daniela and Ben join us – and finally the two of them can no longer keep their secret to themselves: “Your father was never on a yacht. He didn’t make kofte for millionaires, he robbed jewelers and maybe something else.” A Shock for the skating coach: “It’s a joke, isn’t it?” after him Ben but confirms that this is the bitter truth about his father breaks for sea one world together: “It can’t be true. It just can’t be true!”. We’ll see how he’ll deal with it Monday to Friday on “Everything that counts” on RTL and now on RTL +.

You can read what was going on last week about “Everything that counts” here!

“Everything that counts” runs Monday to Friday at 7:05 p.m. on RTL and at any time RTL +.


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