7 things people may not discover until after breaking up with their life partners


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Monday 07 February 2022

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

There are many important things that people start to realize after breaking up with their partner, and this will help them build a harmonious long-term relationship in the future.

The American Bright Side website shows you 7 things that people may not discover until after they separate from their partners:

1- Nothing terrible happened.

At first, you will feel sorry for yourself, you will suffer and think about the time you spent together, you will have sleepless nights and lose your appetite, so during this period it is better not to make hasty decisions, get rid of the things that hurt you, and also take care of your appearance and health.

2- You know very little about yourself.

People in relationships often make so many compromises that they forget what they really want and who they really are, but after a breakup it might be time to do what you love.

3- Have some quiet time

You can try a new kitchen recipe or practice meditation at home, so it’s best to leave all your electronic devices away from you for an hour and spend this time in silence with yourself. This will give you a chance to breathe and look around, and you will have a deeper understanding of what you want to do.

4. Being single is better than being alone in a relationship

One of the main reasons people hold on to their relationships is their fear of loneliness, but in fact, they are not afraid of being alone physically, they are afraid of being alone with their thoughts and feelings, but being single does not mean being lonely, it is not a disease that you have to treat. , but this is just an opportunity to learn more about yourself and do whatever you want.

5. To find the “right person” you have to let go of the “wrong person” first.

The path ends when the goal is reached, the same for relationships, where two people meet, learn something together and teach each other and after a while, the relationship becomes boring and they want to break up, it is better before you start a new relationship, make sure that you are over the previous relationship, otherwise The new partner will not be able to find a place in your life.

6- Now you can do a lot of things:

Perhaps before you met your partner, you had some dreams or plans, but your life together made you reconsider your priorities, but after the breakup you can achieve your dreams.

7- Be self-sufficient to be happy with another person:

It is important to know who to trust, but it is more important to trust yourself, and you cannot find a new person until you realize what you really need and want, and when people have a way of expressing themselves, they feel happier, the same goes for your appearance, and when you are Single, you can allow yourself to wear whatever you want without asking for anyone’s opinions and having to follow them.

So, enjoy the time when you are single, and in any case, you must remember that there is nothing terrible in breaking up with someone, this is your chance to draw conclusions, thank that person for the happy days you had together, and move on.


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