Will you watch the match?.. 7 important tips that you must follow before leaving the house


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Sunday 06 February 2022

Books – Syed Metwally

Egyptian football fans are waiting for a high-caliber match, when the Egyptian national football team meets its Senegalese counterpart, at nine in the evening, Sunday, in the final of the African Nations Cup in Cameroon, at the Paul Biya Stadium.

In light of the keenness of some to follow the match outside the house, Masrawy offers several tips that must be adhered to in this volatile weather, according to the “indeed” website.

wear warm clothes

In cold weather, wear warm clothes that help insulate your body from extremely low temperatures.

Choosing the right fabrics

Cotton clothes should be avoided because when they get wet during the rain, they absorb heat from your body, and the best fabrics to wear are wool, polypropylene and polyester because they retain heat even when wet.

wear loose-fitting clothes

Circulation is critical when exposed to cold. Wearing tight clothing causes blood vessels to constrict, making it difficult for warm blood to reach all parts of the body. Loose clothing makes it easy to move around and get things done comfortably.

Head and neck protection

The head and neck are vulnerable because they lose heat quickly and contain vital organs, so it is best to wear a suitable winter hat, and you can also add a scarf.

Wear closed shoes

Closed shoes will keep your feet warm and safe and also keep your feet dry because they don’t allow any moisture or snow to get into the shoes. Plus, wool socks are better than cotton socks because they retain heat even when wet.

Drink warm fluids

Drinking warm fluids is a good way to keep yourself warm, and you can add sugar to increase the energy you receive from drinks, so avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, as alcohol and caffeine dilate blood vessels, making it easier for your body to lose heat, so stick to Drink warm water, milk, or energy drinks.

Pay attention to the weather forecast

Know the weather forecast before you go out, and the weather reports will help you plan your day and prepare adequately for any weather-related challenges you face.

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