Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Constantly conveying to China that hanbok is our culture”


Regarding the controversy surrounding the appearance of a woman wearing hanbok as a representative of the Korean-Chinese in China at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “There is no room for debate that hanbok is our representative culture.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We are continuing to convey to the Chinese side the position that it is necessary to respect the unique culture and promote understanding based on cultural diversity, and we plan to continue these efforts.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also plans to continue promoting Korea’s unique culture, including hanbok, to the international community in collaboration with relevant ministries.

Earlier, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics held on the 4th, a woman wearing a hanbok appeared as one of the representatives of 56 nationalities in China delivering the Chinese five-star and red flag.

Criticism poured in for this to be ‘the scene where China claims to be their own’, and politicians also criticized with one voice and urged the government to respond.

Criticism of the so-called ‘cultural fair’ in which China distorts Korean culture into its own is also harsh.

Anti-Chinese sentiment has recently been accumulating in Korea due to China’s ‘cultural fairness’ controversy, and netizens from both countries are increasingly arguing online.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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