Ahn “The goal is to win”… ‘Co-government’: “I don’t consider it at the moment”


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Presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party said, “The goal is not to finish the race, but to win.”

It is interpreted as reaffirming the existing position that there is no unification of candidates, while emphasizing that the goal is to win the election through unification even when the opposition candidates are unified.

Candidate Ahn appeared on MBN’s ‘Jung Woon-gap’s Intensive Analysis’ on the 6th, and was asked, ‘I said there is no unification, but will this not change until the March 9 voting day?’ I think he will decide which candidate is more qualified and give him (votes).”

He said, “There are various suitability surveys and there are also competitiveness surveys for the ruling party candidates, and many opinion polls are showing that I am more competitive and suitable. repeatedly emphasized.

Regarding the proposal of a ‘joint government’, which is being discussed by some as a condition for unification of candidates, he drew a line saying, “We are not considering it at the moment.”

He also said that when he came to power, he would form a ‘National Unity Cabinet’ and “create a cabinet in which the people can participate, not by hiring talented people from only a specific political party, but by selecting talents from the people as a whole,” he said.

When asked which candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea Lee Jae-myung or the People’s Strength candidate Yoon Seok-yeol is more aligned in terms of policy, Ahn did not mention a specific candidate and said, “Economically, polarization is getting so severe and we have to solve this part. Conservatives as well as progressives have not been able to find a proper way.”

He continued, “It is right to take a somewhat conservative stance on security. Isn’t it that tensions are not easing now and[North Korea]continues to test missiles?”

When asked what he would like to appeal to the voters a month before the presidential election, Ahn said, “I want to tell you to look at the person, not the camp.”

He said, “The general election is a fight between camps, but in the presidential election, the fate of the nation depends on who the president is. It becomes clean, and then reform becomes possible.”

When asked about the time and conditions for candidate Ahn to break the two-tier structure and change to a presidential election centered on Ahn, candidate Ahn said, “I think it will happen soon.” However, since it is an automatic response survey (ARS), it cannot be said that a public opinion poll that properly reflects public opinion has been released. It will probably come out little by little from next week.”

“In the end, I believe that people from both parties will evaluate Ahn Cheol-Soo as the best candidate because people from both parties properly evaluate the candidates’ morality and family issues, various aspects of the candidates from both parties, and experience in government affairs,” he said. .

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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