Today, 3,000 people are expected… If 10 people are tested, 2 are ‘confirmed’


Today (6th), the number of new corona patients is expected to reach 30,000. The spread of Omicron is not unstoppable, with nearly 9,000 people increasing in just one day.

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

In front of a hospital in Seoul.

People have been lining up to be tested since the morning of the weekend.

[112번 고객님 1번 창구로 오십시오.]

[정철수/서울 강남구 : 회사 내에서 확진자가 발생했다고 그래서요. 가족들이 감염되는 게 우려되는 게 있기 때문에, 아기도 있고 그러니까…]

There were 36,362 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, the first to reach the 30,000 level.

The daily increase was also the largest at 8,900.

On the 26th of last month, it surpassed 10,000, 20,000 in one week, and 30,000 in three days.

The number of confirmed cases is increasing faster than the government expected.

The positive rate, which means the ratio of confirmed cases to the number of tests, is 18.7%, which means that if 10 people are tested, close to 2 people have been confirmed.

In addition to the spread of Omicron, the number of confirmed cases is expected to increase further if the impact of the Lunar New Year holiday, which has had a lot of movement, begins in earnest.

[정재훈/가천대 의대 예방의학과 교수 : 오미크론의 전파 능력이 매우 높고 세대기(전파 감염 속도)가 짧은 상황이기 때문에 (확진자가) 2배씩 증가하고 있는 상태이고. 이 정도 추세가 몇 주간 이어질 수 있다고 생각합니다.]

Contrary to this trend, the number of severe cases and deaths has not followed suit.

The number of severe cases increased by 12 from the previous day, but it remains at the 200 level for the eighth day, and the death toll is around 20 for a week.

However, if the number of confirmed cases continues to rise at the current rate, there remains a possibility that the number of severe cases and deaths will follow suit.

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