Jungle Camp 2022: The winner is…


He is the new king in the jungle: Filip Pavlovic prevailed in the 15th season of the jungle camp and not only won the crown, but also 100,000 euros.

Eventful 16 days of trash are over and so is the 15th edition of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”. “Prince Charming” participant Manuel Flickinger, 33, the “Golden Ticket” winner Filip Pavlovic, 27, and ex-GZSZ star Eric Stehfest, 32, fought for the favor of the viewers for the last time in the season finale: inside.

Filip Pavlovic is the reigning king of the jungle

They each gave each other the victory – which Filip was able to conquer in the end and can now boast as the reigning king of the jungle, replacing Prince Damien, 31, from 2020.

As has now become a tradition, Sonja Zietlow, 53, and Daniel Hartwich, 43, kept the candidates and spectators in suspense when the winner was announced. After the lines were closed, Filip and Eric were let off the hook relatively quickly. Manuel left the camp in third place. In the duel between the reality TV star and the actor, the “Like Me – I’m Famous” winner from 2020 finally won the race.

For Peter Althof, 66, and secret favorite Harald Glööckler, 56, it was not enough for the final. But one of them was not at all sad about it: Harald, who was in poor health, said goodbye calmly and was happy for his comrades-in-arms. With regard to the final, he also made it clear: “I wouldn’t have done the disgust test anyway.

Jungle camp 2022: This is how the final exams went

However, before Filip finally got the crown on his noble head, the three finalists had to go through their final exams, which were named after the main characters of the novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). Challenges awaited the jungle musketeers that pushed everyone to their limits.

Each finalist was able to earn five stars: three for three starters, main courses and desserts. One for the star’s favorite drink and another for a “goodie” each.

Jungle test “Athos”: Filip fights for the appetizers

In his exam, Filip followed in the footsteps of ex-“Bachelor” candidate Kattia Vides, 33. Buckled between tens of thousands of animals, his fellow sufferer already had the questionable pleasure of this nerve-racking animal test in the 12th season. She was accompanied by Daniele Negroni, 26, who poured the animals over her body. At least Kattia managed to get three stars.

Now Filip had to take the risk and manage to endure ten minutes together with countless mealworms, crickets, maggots, crocodiles, giant cockroaches, ants and snakes, strapped to an oversized star. “You’re everywhere, really full of animals everywhere on your body,” Sonja Zietlow made the expected undertaking not exactly palatable to him. Nevertheless, Filip did not let himself be deterred and answered Daniel Hartwich’s question about his willingness to take the exam with a courageous: “Absolutely!” Then he bravely climbed into the big star, lay on his back and was fixed on his arms and legs – not without respect for the challenge. “I was so looking forward to the test, but I’m already a little scared.”

And then the crawling began. The hamburger, however, remained calm. After two minutes he had fought his way to the first star. But then things got tricky: Four crocodiles joined the tweaking teeming crowd. “Guys, relax, I won’t hurt you! Relax, folks, my nerves are at the end,” an almost panicked Filip could be heard shouting.

Filip Pavlovic

Filip Pavlovic practices as a snake charmer.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

“There are giant cockroaches on your left arm now…” Daniel warned the hamburger after two more minutes and a second star were done. Filip’s breathing accelerated audibly, but he remained steadfast even in the face of this animal threat. Apparently four ant nests on his left leg couldn’t shock the finalist anymore – four stars. For the last two minutes, 24 snakes were draped on the stomach and head of the 27-year-old. No problem: Filip also got the fifth star. “It was all bad – but those ants really hurt. But I’m proud of myself…”

Jungle test “Porthos”: Eric fights for the main course

The final food test is also one of the real jungle camp classics. In each of the previous seasons so far, a finalist had to “enjoy” the culinary delights of the host country. Most recently, boxer Sven Ottke, 54, 2020 was allowed to bite the “sour apple”. This year Eric Stehfest had to face the supposed delicacies. The ex-GZSZ star was served ten plates for five courses one after the other: The first plate of a course is always a tempting delicacy. On the second plate is the alternative, which usually triggers nausea. However, this must be eaten to win a star. If Eric chooses the first plate, the star is lost for him. For the main course, Eric had to overcome his disgust. Brain, eyes or urine may not have been a priority on his menu.

“But that’s not what I’m here for,” Eric explained full of energy when he was first served a fruit platter rich in vitamins. On to Plate #2! “These are two impala eyes, the lenses are out, so you can start chewing straight away. You have 60 seconds!” Daniel explained to him about his fate. Without hesitation, Eric grabbed it. “I tried to be somewhere else, in a nice restaurant,” he then described his recipe for winning the first star.

For the next course, the beautifully draped chicken salad was certainly a desirable temptation option. But the actor was undeterred and dipped his head in a box full of flies. As a small specialty, the jungle cook had hidden two fat may beetle larvae in it. Incidentally, Sven Ottke had refused the protein-rich meal two years ago. But not like Eric. The actor quickly devoured the larvae and then stated dryly: “The king of the jungle must be able to eat everything.”

The 32-year-old also rejected gambas and a steak. Instead, he grabbed the sea slugs and then a piece of ostrich heart. “Oh, is that dry, that’s way too big!” Eric quickly moaned. No star for this gear. The former GZSZ actor had lost his goodie with that. “That’s okay,” says the father of two.

Eric Stehfest

Eric Stehfest bites through.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

The jungle camper left waffles with warm cherries, whipped cream and powdered sugar on the left. The kudu brain presented in a kudu head apparently had greater appeal, after all it was about scooping up another star for the promised luxury dinner. Eric chewed bravely and managed the impossible: Hardly a crumb of the devoured organ was to be discovered on his train when the time had expired. The nightcap of the exam, on the other hand, fell down quickly. A fresh glass of cow urine could no longer shock the die-hard gourmet. With four stars, a proud Eric left for the camp.

Jungle test “Aramis”: Manuel fights for the desserts

In the glass helmet, however, Manuel made acquaintance with eels and frogs: “It’s a classic of the jungle story,” announced Daniel Hartwich. “Lately Larissa Marolt tried it, with the sensational success of five stars.” Now it was up to Manuel, equipped with diving goggles and snorkel, to have a glass helmet put over his head. His personal glass helmet aquarium was first filled with water and then with eels and lots of frogs. But the animals were apparently the least of the problems of the “Prince Charming” winner of hearts. It was primarily the water that worried him: “I have an aqua phobia,” explained the 33-year-old a little shakily, only to be positive again as usual: “But my zodiac sign is Aquarius.”

Manuel Flickinger

Manuel Flickinger fights against his aqua phobia.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

With a great deal of courage, Manuel accepted his fate. Everything went like clockwork: water ran in and an eel and ten African clawed frogs quickly cavorted around the head of the trained law clerk. Despite the panic from the water, the 33-year-old bravely held out for a minute. He was sure of the first star. Meanwhile the water had risen up to his eyes. And then panic seemed to get the better of him.

He unexpectedly pulled on the emergency device. A silent call, the meaning of which every die-hard jungle camp fan now knows: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Manuel aborted the exam. “I’m relieved that I tried it. The nose, pressure and then it was like a bell in my head – and then it didn’t work anymore!”, he remarked annoyed after his release. Zero stars! Unfortunately, the chance for delicious desserts for him and his fellow campers was lost.

No reason for the campers to mope for long. The three jungle heroes enjoyed their last dinner together. No more rice and no more beans – but real taste explosions in the mouth. After 16 days, the delicacies that you probably dreamed of every single night under the South African sky finally arrived on your plate.

Those were the highlights and excitement of this year’s season

  • Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow did not lead through the jungle test on day 12, but rather Dr. Bob.
  • Eric Stehfest and Peter Althof should collect stars together on day 10. However, Eric refused to take part in “River with Funny” on the grounds that he didn’t want to earn food for people who didn’t like him. The campers went empty handed.
  • Moving moment on day 8 in the jungle camp. Anouschka Renzi first told Harald Glööckler and Eric Stehfest alone and finally the entire jungle camp troop about her ADD disease, which is the reason for her clumsiness.
  • On day 4, Anouschka Renzi, Linda Nobat, Janina Youssefian and Harald Glööckler would have had to take part in the “Nasty Band” jungle test – but this then took place without Janina. At that point, she had already been expelled from the camp by RTL because of her racist insult against Linda Nobat.
  • Actress Tina Ruland was incredibly sad on day 3. The candidate received news of the death of her best friend Astrid in South Africa. This was announced by Regina Halmich.
  • Tara Tabitha kept an eye on Filip Pavlovic, 27, in the jungle camp – but he was not interested in any relationship.
  • Christin Okpara was replaced by Jasmin Herren before the start because her vaccination status was unclear
  • Lucas Cordalis fell ill with Corona before the show started and had to travel home to Mallorca.

Source used: RTL

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