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News about the royals in the GALA ticker: Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel complete their first appointment after the corona break +++ Prince Daniel receives an honorary doctorate +++ Princess Mary: That should have unsettled you earlier.

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January 28, 2022

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attend Holocaust memorial event

After it became known on January 8 that Princess Victoria, 44, was infected with the corona virus, the second bad news came just a day later: Prince Daniel, 48, had also caught it – as had the royal couple Silvia, 78, shortly before , and Carl Gustaf, 75. Thankfully, senior members of the Swedish royal family had a mild course. No wonder the Crown Princess and her husband looked fit for their first appointment together in 48 days. But their faces have remained serious – for a reason.

On yesterday’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Victoria and Daniel attended the Micael Bindefeld Foundation celebration at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm. Scholarships were not only awarded, as is the case every year. The heir to the throne also gave a moving speech to 150 people, including several ministers, party leaders and ambassadors.

Princess Victoria holds hands with Prince Daniel after their speech at the Micael Bindefeld Foundation’s Holocaust Remembrance Day celebration, January 27, 2022, in Stockholm.

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“A few days ago a person died who meant a lot to me and many others,” explains Victoria and continues: “Emerich Roth was one of the last Swedish survivors of the Holocaust. Many of us here […] share deep gratitude for his courage, commitment and tireless work. We now have a great shared responsibility to manage and carry on his legacy.” Those are important words that should resonate.

January 27, 2022

Prince Daniel receives a great honor

Her year did not start very well: at the beginning of January, Princess Victoria, 44, and Prince Daniel, 48, contracted the corona virus and had to be in quarantine – just like Queen Silvia, 78, and King Carl Gustaf, 75. Now there is finally a reason to be happy. For his commitment, Daniel received an honorary doctorate from one of the most renowned medical universities in Europe: the Karolinska Institute. Daniel studied there from 2011 to 2013.

According to a press release, the prince is to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the medical university in a few months “for his consistent work in the field of public health”. The reasons: Daniel has been committed to public health for years, raising awareness of the need for healthier lifestyles among children and young people, trying to reduce health inequalities and supporting medical research and education.

As a result, Daniel has “become a very important driving force in this area” both in Sweden and internationally. Victoria will surely be bursting with pride. The prince himself is also happy and feels “very honoured,” said Margareta Thorgren, head of information at the court, when asked by the Swedish magazine “Svensk Dazudning”.

January 26, 2022

Princess Mary: This used to unsettle her

When Princess Mary attends royal appointments, she always gives the photographer a beaming smile and appears self-confident. But apparently that wasn’t always the case. On the occasion of Mary’s 50th birthday on February 5, 2022, the book “Mary HkH” will be published, in which Denmark’s Crown Princess apparently also has her say. Mary reveals she was camera shy growing up.

“As a child and teenager, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about being photographed,” admits Prince Frederik’s wife, 53. Over time, however, she was able to get used to it and shed her shyness. “I’ve learned to be comfortable with that; I’ve learned that it can be important to the message or to a story,” she continues. You can clearly see that, because for many years she has radiated self-confidence and openness in photos.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is looking forward to a little more independence

Just in time for her 18th birthday on January 21, 2022, Princess Ingrid Alexandra probably gave herself the best gift: she has “now passed her driver’s license”. This is confirmed by Guri Varpe, head of information at the farm, to the Danish newspaper “Dagbladet”.

Only last week did she prove that Norway’s heir to the throne is inclined to the intoxication of speed. The royal family published a video on Instagram that showed Ingrid Alexandra on an impressive ski descent. The daughter of Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit, both 48, has already done her first laps: just one day after her day of honor she was spotted driving through Oslo in an electric car.

But there was no new car when they came of age. The farm breaks with a 100-year tradition. A new gift code came into force in 2015, which has since banned the Royal Norwegian Automobile Association KNA from giving the royals a car for their 18th birthday.

January 25, 2022

Princess Sofia under fire

Even before Princess Sofia, 37, married into the Swedish royal family, she was committed to the well-being of young people. In 2010, together with her friend Frida Vesterberg, she founded the “Project Playground” initiative, which aims to give children and young people a space for personal development. With the help of their “Prinsparets stiftelse”, the foundation of the royal couple, Sofia and her husband Prince Carl Philip, 43, have been campaigning against cyberbullying among children and young people since their wedding. An important project. But now Princess Sofia is being sharply criticized. The reason is her fight for children to be able to be themselves on the Internet, as she emphasized in the annual review “Året med kungafamiljen” (engl.: “The year with the royal family”) on the “SVT” channel.

Liv Strömquist, 43, one of Sweden’s most influential feminist comic artists and a graduate political scientist, is now discussing the princess with journalist Ola Söderholm, 39, in the social and cultural podcast “Stormens utveckling” (Eng. “The Development of the Storm”). “She seems to mean that children who don’t conform to the norm need to be able to be online without being subjected to hate,” Strömquist is quoted as saying by the Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning”. In her opinion, however, thanks to the Internet, this danger is lower than ever before.

Strömqvist argues that it is not possible to be yourself just because adults demand it. She points out that some children are still being taught to behave the way adults expect them to behave. “If you are yourself, you are what Princess Sofia wants you to be,” Strömqvist accuses the princess of summing up. “So it sounds like autonomy when Princess Sofia says ‘Be yourself’, but it’s a mandatory autonomy,” says Liv Strömqvist, clarifying that Sofia’s statement is “not really credible”.

January 24, 2022

Nina Flohr surprises with private birthday moments

Last weekend (January 22, 2022) Nina Flohr, wife of Prince Philippos of Greece, 35, celebrated her 35th birthday. On Instagram, the Swiss businesswoman only showed her beautiful table decorations, which reveals that she must have celebrated her big day with at least ten people. In her Instagram story, Nina then surprised her with a rarely private and sweet moment with her husband.

They are in each other’s arms, both pairs of eyes are closed, lips pressed tightly together: the son of ex-King Konstantin, 81, gave his sweetheart this intimate birthday kiss for her half-round day of honor. Nina wrote “Best Birthday Present”, linked Prince Philippos and added an arrow to the birthday cake – a very special gem. Because the cake consists of a Wiener schnitzel with potato salad. A funny decoration idea that could be a reference to Flohr’s favorite dish.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was able to look forward to valuable gifts

Princess Ingrid Alexandra celebrated her 18th birthday on January 21, 2022 and received rich gifts! The princess received a surfboard, modern art, a sculpture, books and jewelry from government and military officials on her special day. In addition, at 12 noon, the military fired 21 shots from all salute stations in the country.

And the list goes on: on the occasion of her birthday, a research ship was named after Princess Ingrid Alexandra. The ship, based in Tromso, will explore the Norwegian coast and teach students, reports Fiskeribladet. The ship is currently being built in the Netherlands and is scheduled for delivery in Bergen in December 2022. It will then go into operation in 2023. It is not yet clear whether Ingrid Alexandra will take over the naming of the ship.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra admires her new surfboard.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra admires her new surfboard.

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However, the princess had to do without a tradition: unlike her father and grandfather, she was not given a car. “Due to the rules of the royal family for gifts, the KNA will not give Princess Ingrid Alexandra a car,” a spokesman for the “Kongelig Norsk Automobilklub” (KNA) told the press agency “NTB”. This brings an almost 100-year tradition to an end.

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