“I’m a public official, but I do private errands, such as taking medicine for Lee Jae-myung’s wife.”


At the end of last year, the opposition raised suspicions that when Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung became governor of Gyeonggi-do, a government official from Gyeonggi-do was in charge of Lee’s wife Kim Hye-kyung’s personal protocol. Candidate Lee strongly refuted that the people’s power had spread false information, and the person who was named Kim’s assistant at the time was Mo Bae, who was a member of the Gyeonggi-do General Affairs Division. However, a former Gyeonggi-do government official who worked under Mr. Bae’s instructions at the time reported to us.

Let’s see what happened, reporter Ahn Hee-jae’s report first, and then we will continue the story.

In the spring of last year, this is a telegram conversation between Mr. Bae, a member of the General Affairs Department of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office at the time, and Mr. A, an employee of the secretariat.

When Ms. Bae asked, “Please find out about your wife’s medicine,” she said that she received a prescription under a different secretary’s name at the provincial office infirmary and asked if she would go to the secretariat on the second floor.

One hour after Mr. Bae’s instruction to go out and call, Mr. A uploads a picture of the prescription.

In the prescription, it is written that a clinic affiliated with the Gyeonggi Provincial Government prescribed the medicine for 28 days to the secretary.

An hour later, along with a picture of the medicine, he says, “I will receive the medicine and return to the provincial office.”

Person A, who entered the secretariat as a public official, claimed that the secretaries bought the medicine and delivered it directly to the house of the governor’s wife, Kim Hye-kyung, in Sunae-dong, Bundang.

It is said that Kim did not want to have medical records left, so he had the medicine be given in the name of his secretary.

In some cases, Mr. Bae confirms the process of receiving food from a restaurant that Mr. Kim frequently visits and bringing it to his home in Sunae-dong.

Bae belonged to the general affairs department and Mr. A belonged to the secretariat, so the departments were different.

Reporter A claimed, “I hung the medicine I bought on the door of my house in Sunae-dong and took a picture to report it.”

Candidate Lee has sent Mr. Bae’s personal position to the SBS question asking for his position on the whistleblower’s claim.

Bae said that it is difficult to give a detailed answer because the investigation is ongoing, and he said that he had never been hired as an assistant secretary in Gyeonggi-do, and that he had never handled personal affairs for the candidate’s family while performing public duties.

He also explained that he will not be left with many attempts to intervene in the election by spreading false information, and that the facts will be revealed clearly during the investigation process.

(Video coverage: Jeil Park Hyun-cheol, video editing: Park Soo-sun, CG: Kim Jong-un, Eom So-min, Kang Kyung-rim, Seo Dong-min)

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae, who covered this content, is here.

Q. Why did you suddenly report it?

[안희재 기자 : 제보자 A 씨는 경기도청 비서실 소속 공무원으로 근무를 했던 인물입니다. 지금은 퇴직을 한 상태고요, 취재진에게 경기도 소속 공무원증을 직접 보여주면서 신분을 확인해 주기도 했습니다. 이와 별도로 저희가 A 씨 신분증에 기재된 인적사항 이런 내용들을 토대로 당시에 경기도 비서실에 근무했던 인물이 있다는 것, 이 점을 별도로 확인을 했고요. A 씨는 지난해 초에 사모님을 같이 의전하자, 이런 당시 경기도 사무관이었던 배 모 씨의 제안을 받아서 공무원으로 채용이 됐다고 했습니다. 그런데 공식 행사 의전보다 개인적 용무를 돕는 게 훨씬 더 많았다는 것이 제보자의 주장이고요, 이런 점을 알리고 싶었다고 합니다.]

Q. Did Kim Hye-kyung have any instructions?

[안희재 기자 : 그렇습니다. 사실 현재 저희가 확보한 취재 자료들에서는 부인 김혜경 씨가 제보자에게 직접 심부름을 지시하거나, 아니면 배 씨를 통해서 심부름을 지시했다고 볼만한 명확히 드러날 만한 부분은 없었습니다. 현재 이재명 후보의 경기도지사 시절 부인 개인 의전용 비서 채용 의혹은 국민의힘의 고발도 경기남부지방경찰청에서 수사에 착수한 상태입니다. 제보자는 앞으로 추가 자료를 공개할 의사를 내비치고 있고, 반면에 배 씨는 수사 과정에서 사실관계가 명확히 밝혀질 것이라고 말을 하고 있기 때문에 앞으로의 경찰 수사 상황 지켜봐야 될 것 같습니다.]

(Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)


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