He is “fascinated” by computer games


Prince George
He is “fascinated” by computer games

Prince William and Prince George at a performance in London.

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Eight-year-old Prince George is “fascinated” by computer games. Prince William revealed this during an appearance.

Like most children, the future heir to the British throne Prince George (8) is also enthusiastic about computer games. His father Prince William (39) has now revealed this during a performance in London. The little royal was downright “fascinated”.

While visiting BAFTA headquarters, William struck up a conversation with several grantees, including a game developer. The royal explained that the focus of raising his three children with Duchess Kate (40) is currently on regulating their screen time. “We have to be more careful with that,” said Prince William, who was testing the Net Carbon game at the meeting. “They definitely love computer games, they’re fascinated by them.”

Especially with eight-year-old George, interest is growing more and more. “The other two are a bit young but they love movies,” William said of Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. He himself appreciates computer games and films, explains William, who has been President of the British Film Academy BAFTA since 2010. It is important to arouse interest in “everything that is creative” in the new generation.



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