That’s what he says about the final jungle off


Lucas Cordalis
That’s what he says about the final jungle off

Lucas Cordalis wanted to take over his father’s jungle camp legacy.


Because of Corona, Lucas Cordalis was not allowed to move into the jungle camp 2022 at short notice. Now he has commented on it for the first time.

Now it’s official: Lucas Cordalis (54) will not move into the jungle camp even after surviving the corona infection. This was announced by the “I’m a star – get me out of here!” moderators Daniel Hartwich (43) and Sonja Zietlow (53) on Sunday evening on the show. Cordalis has himself in a video message on RTL now commented on his jungle off for the first time. “Of course I’m very, very sad,” explains the son of pop singer Costa Cordalis (1944-2019), who won the first jungle crown in 2004.

He had “thought about it for a long time” and “discussed a lot about it with the production”. He then finally came to the conclusion that the risk was too great to infect someone else. So the legacy of the jungle crown will be nothing in 2022. “I have to put my wishes behind, that’s absolutely natural for me.”

“From the beginning, or not at all”

Fairness reasons also played a role in the decision, explains Lucas Cordalis in the message. “You can’t start in the middle of a marathon either. If so, from the beginning, or not at all,” he says.

In terms of health, he was “actually fine,” says Cordalis. His quarantine is now over, after a negative PCR test he can start his journey home to Mallorca.


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