Schlager: Matthias Reim + Christin Stark: Surprising baby pictures online


Matthias Reim + Christin Stark
Ultrasound pictures on Instagram delight fans

Matthias Reim and Christin Stark

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The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Matthias Reim and Christin Stark surprise with baby photos.

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January 24, 2022

Matthias Reim and Christin Stark publish ultrasound photos of their baby

It was surprising news for all Schlager fans: Christin Stark, 32, will be a mom. The father is Matthias Reim, 64. It is the seventh child for the hit star – the first for the 32-year-old. With the baby, which is expected to be born in April 2022, a great wish will come true for the hit couple. The past few months have been particularly emotional for the couple because the “Hormone Devil” kept coming up, as the “Damn, I love you” interpreter recently revealed. Despite this, he supports his wife wherever he can during the rollercoaster of emotions.

Now the pop singer let his fans share in his baby happiness. On Instagram, he and his loved one showed ultrasound images of their offspring for the first time. “#mom and #dad”, the parents-to-be caption the recording. In the photo, Matthias Reim is wearing a black cap with a white “Dad” lettering. Wife Christin shines in red. The 32-year-old proudly presents three ultrasound photos while beaming happily at the camera. The fans are over the moon at this sight and leave numerous congratulations and hearts.

January 19, 2022

Concern for singer Ireen Sheer

A few months after her last appearance in November 2021 in Florian Silbereisen’s, 40, show “The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”, Ireen Sheer is in the hospital. The 72-year-old wanted to enjoy life away from work with her husband. Nothing will come of it for the time being. According to “Bild”, the doctors diagnosed a thrombosis behind the eye in the hit star. “A few days ago, Ireen’s eye suddenly swelled,” says her husband Klaus-Jürgen Kahl. “She saw everything twice, got a bad headache, I drove her to the clinic.” Ireen Sheer was examined – with a suspected stroke.

After an MRI examination, however, thrombosis was diagnosed. “An attempt is now being made to dissolve the clot with blood thinners. If that doesn’t work, Ireen will have to have an operation,” explains husband Klaus-Jürgen Kahl. Get well soon!

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