Thermal leggings: Wrapped up warm and yet versatile


Wrapped up warm yet versatile

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Either you love them or you hate them: leggings. In the thermal variant, i.e. as thermal leggings, lovers do not have to do without their favorite trousers even in the autumn and winter months of 2021.

Thermal leggings – not only frostbite love them in autumn and winter 2021. Because with them you can wear all your favorite outfits even at low temperatures. Wrapped up warm yet stylish, one reason why we love thermal leggings so much.

Thermal leggings for women: That’s what they are all about

Thermal leggings are indistinguishable from your “normal” leggings. Whether plain or patterned – there is Thermo-Leggings for women in all variations. The key difference is inside the leggings. The warm winter version is lined. Depending on the model and manufacturer with fleece, teddy fur or simply made of a firmer, thicker material than the traditional leggings. This protects you from wind and cold and gives you plenty of scope for fashion. A high (wide) cuff ensures a good fit and also warms the kidneys without constricting.

One garment, countless possibilities

Another plus of the Thermo-Leggings for women: With a simple model, you can pretty much make every outfit suitable for winter. Whether in combination with a dress, a skirt, “single” or under thin trousers, which you don’t want to do without in the cold autumn and winter months – everything is possible.

Leggings lovers know about the many advantages of their all-rounder. Winter thermal leggings can also be worn subdue an outfit if necessary and only serve their function of keeping warm. However, if you feel like it, you can also wear the thermal leggings the protagonist of his style and with one Muster or color make an eye-catcher. The choice is entirely yours.

The thermal leggings for women give you a free choice in terms of fashion. But one or the other styling rule should also be observed here:

  • Less is more: Do you opt for thermal leggings with a striking pattern or a bright color? Excellent! Then the rest of the outfit should be rather subtle.
  • Make sure it is of good quality. Above all, so that your thermal leggings keep their promises and keep you sufficiently warm.
  • The right size is crucial. This applies in particular to thermal leggings. Because apart from the fact that tight, constricting leggings always look unflattering, it should also be known that clothing that is too tight impairs blood circulation, which can lead to us freezing more quickly. Counterproductive!

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Our two favorite outfits with thermal leggings:

A huge advantage of thermal leggings is that they can become your everyday companion. Because – apart from its versatility and the countless possible combinations – it can basically be used anywhere. Whether for sports, leisure time, at work … There is hardly a situation in which the thermal leggings in combination with the right accessories do not fit. We have selected our two favorite styles for you:

Look number one: thermal leggings and oversized pullover

Wonderful weather: Cool temperatures, sunshine, fresh air – the best opportunity for a leisurely walk and to throw yourself into a cool and at the same time comfortable outfit. With a plain black thermal leggings, a Oversize-Wollpullover under the jacket, coarse Boots and the matching autumn and winter accessories such as Beanie and scarf we feel well prepared for a tour of our own neighborhood or the remote forest area. Just grab a coffee to go from your favorite café around the corner and you’re good to go.

Look number two: thermal leggings and maxi dress

maxi dresses we love every season. But even with sleeves, you can quickly get chills in autumn or winter. So we grab a pair of matching thermal leggings and a longer one Cardigan and one Sizengürtel (for the beautiful silhouette) and create a great winter outfit for us. This is how we are ideally dressed when we go to the office or to a family reunion.

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