‘Rapid curing’ revealed in the work log… “First floor in six days, in fact”


The contents of the work log have been revealed to support the suspicion that the concrete curing period, which is pointed out as one of the causes of the collapse of the new apartment building in Gwangju, was insufficient.

According to the concrete pouring log for Gwangju Hwajeong I-Park Building 201, which was secured by the Gwangju Jeonnam Headquarters of Construction Zono, on November 23, last year, the concrete on the 35th floor was poured, and 10 days later, the floor on the 36th floor, the next floor, was poured.

After that, the floors on the 37th and 38th floors were poured in 7 and 6 days, respectively, and the ceiling on the 38th floor was also poured in 8 days.

A week later, the walls of the PIT floor were poured, and 11 days later, while pouring the floor on the 39th floor, an accident occurred.

The contents of the 5 floors from the 35th floor to the PIT floor were poured in 6-10 days, respectively, and this contradicts the explanation of HDC Hyundai Development Company that “they went through a sufficient curing period for 12 to 18 days”.

In winter, concrete does not dry well, so it is necessary to give it time to harden it through hot air work, etc., but the analysis that the lower floors could not support the weight of the formwork and collapsed due to poor curing gives strength to the analysis.

(Photo=Provided by the Gwangju Jeonnam Headquarters of the Construction Labor Union, Yonhap News)


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