‘Leo 39-point bombing’ OK Finance, Woori Card’s 9 consecutive wins


The men’s professional volleyball group OK Financial Group put the brakes on Woori Card’s 9-game winning streak and escaped from 4 consecutive losses.

OK Financial Group hardily defeated Woori Card 3-2 (22-25 25-18 17-25 25-16 15-13) after a full set match in the Dodram V-League visit match held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul.

On December 14, last year, Woori Card, which had won eight consecutive victories for a month before Hyundai Capital, did not exceed the Leo of OK Financial Group.

Leo, who returned from a left ankle injury, scored 39 points in the second game of his comeback today (15th) and did a good job of solving it.

3rd place Woori Card, which had been at the forefront of the charts, has been on a downtrend.

The gap with 2nd place KB Insurance (40 points) is 3 points, and the gap with 1st place Korean Air (43 points) is 6 points.

The scoring match between Alex and Leo, the main guns of our card, sparked fire.

Alex drove 32 points with 4 blocking, 4 serve aces, and 5 back attacks.

It was his third and ninth career triple crown this season, but he couldn’t laugh at the loss.

Alex’s opponent Leo hit two sub aces in the second set and threw a whopping 13 points in the fourth set, continuing a tight battle.

Even in the watershed set of 5, the two players exchanged blows and played a seesaw game.

After Alex scored five runs alone with a clever push and a clean bang early in the fifth set, Leo took the game to the ground with a straight open slugging 8-10.

In the end, it was Leo who had the last laugh.

Leo made the mistake of stepping on the line trying to serve at the 14-12 match point, but immediately ended the bloody fight with a back-attack bang.

Leo also scored 11 points in the fifth set to win Alex by decision.

On the other hand, on this day, there was also an incident where a ball kicked by Leo in a hurry went to the stands and dedicated a point to our card.

Leo slammed a high RBI open bang in the 4th set, 5-3, and when the ball hit the court floor, he sent it to the stands.

The referee acknowledged Leo’s goal, but gave our card one point and the right to serve with a red card indicating Leo’s sanctions.

OK Financial Group coach Seok Jin-wook strongly protested to the umpires that it was against the fairness of the umpire, stating that Alex, the Woori Card, who also kicked the ball from the crowd in the match against KB Insurance on the 12th, was not subject to any special sanctions, but the umpires did not accept the objection It didn’t.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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