It’s 30 minutes from Seoul… “I can’t enter without a quarantine pass”


The court’s decision to suspend quarantine passes at hypermarkets and department stores is limited to Seoul. That is why, at Gyeonggi Mart, you had to have a quarantine pass like this today (15th) to enter, whereas at Seoul Mart, anyone could enter by filling out a list.

Reporter Jae Hee-won covered the chaotic appearance that took place across the border of Seoul.

This is a large supermarket in Guro-gu, Seoul.

The quarantine pass information board that guarded the entrance has disappeared.

You can enter by just one of the safe calls, QR code check-in, or handwritten list.

Another mart in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi, operated by the same company.

Staff standing in front of the entrance check the quarantine pass one by one.

It is only 5km away from the mart in Guro, but since it is Gyeonggi-do, which is not subject to a court decision, you cannot enter without a quarantine pass.

[핸드폰을 지금 안 들고 나와서. ((방역패스) 정지시켜 놨다며. 그런데도 안되나?) 여기 경기도로 들어가나? 여기가 서울로는 안 들어가는구나. 참. 그 생각을 안 했구나.]

There are some people who only let their families into the mart because they don’t have a quarantine pass.

[박명조/경기 광명시 하안동 : TV 봤거든요. 서울은 풀렸다고. 마트 들어가는 거 풀렸다고 들어서 혹시나 해서 왔는데 여기는 안 풀렸네요. (그러면 가족분들 기다리셔야 해요?) 네네.]

The situation is different even at marts within 30 minutes by car, so we have to hire an employee to explain.

[마트 직원 : 16일까지 계도기간이거든요. 17일부터는 (접종증명서나 PCR 음성확인서 없이) 들어갈 수 없는 상황입니다.]

In particular, as the court decision was made just before the weekend when marts and department stores are busy, the confusion among users was greater.

From the day after tomorrow, the quarantine pass guidance period will end and fines will be imposed, so the controversy over equity is expected to grow.

(Video coverage: In Pil-seong, Video editing: Kim Ho-jin)

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