“Goodbye Germany”: Heavy blow – “Broken inside”


“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Janine Hundt, 41, wants to fulfill her dream of a music studio in Tanzania, but her business partner thwarts the Swiss woman’s plans…

  • Together with the TV format “Goodbye Germany”, Janine Hundt wants to emigrate to Tanzania
  • There she wants to open a music studio with her business partner Berdon
  • Everything is already prepared for the move, but then the 41-year-old has to cope with shock news

“Goodbye Germany”: Janine Hundt wants to take off in Tanzania

Accompanied by the cameras of the VOX format “Goodbye Germany”, Janine Hundt wants her dream of emigrating track to Tanzania. The 41-year-old wants to be far away from Germany Music studio open and meets a young musician during her vacation in East Africa, with whom she teams up and puts her wish into practice.

Although Janine still lives in the Switzerland, where she works as a ticket inspector, but regularly travels to Tanzania and preparesfor a year everything to make your dream come true. The emigrant even rents a house in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, where the music studio but also her future home should be located. Once the studio enough money brings in, Janine wants to take the step from Switzerland to Tanzania.


“Goodbye Germany”: dug up by the business partner

Your business partner Berdon is a Tanzanian singer and is already celebrating in his home country some successes with his music, which should lure customers into the studio in the future. Actually a win-win situation for both, because Janine pushtcontinues the musician, produces a music video with him and records his tracks. However, after a year the studio still not If she really wants to get started, the emigrant talks to her business partner, who then complete empty house.

In a video message, Janine explains to the “Goodbye Germany” team that she is telling Berdon about her thoughts had reported giving up the studio, whereupon this collapsed be and have cried. When Janine leaves the house for a few hours the next day, he takes it all belongings of the 41-year-old simply with – even the pictures on the wall and the flowers in front of the front door.

“Goodbye Germany”: “I lost around 20,000 euros”

Back in Germany she tells shocked Janine told “Goodbye Germany” that she can hardly believe that Berdon, whom she is familiar, be capable of such a thing. So be her “broken inside” and explains: “I lost around 20,000 euros, with everything.”

Nevertheless, the 41-year-old wants her dream do not give up and is optimistic that one day she will find happiness in Tanzania.

“Goodbye Germany” runs every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on VOX and anytime on RTL+.

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Source used: VOX, Extratipp


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