Family of missing person in Gwangju collapse “Please pay attention to rescue”


As the search for five missing persons at the site of the Gwangju collapse was difficult, the families of the missing persons expressed their pity through social media.

Person A, who said he was the son of the missing person, said on SNS, “My father was working on the firefighting equipment on the 28th floor on the day of the accident. I still cannot believe that this happened to my father, who only worked for his family.” Please help me to get a lot of attention.”

He said, “As the rescue operation for the missing continues to be delayed, we do not know exactly where the missing people are, but the rescue operation may take a month,” he said. said.

Mr. B, who said he was the daughter of a missing person, also posted two posts on SNS two days ago and today (15th).

Person B complained, “My father, who works on the windows, went to the scene on the day of the accident.”

He continued, “My heart breaks at the fact that I can’t do anything and just have to wait. I still can’t believe why this happened,” he appealed.

Families expressed their dissatisfaction with Hyundai Development Company as five days have passed since the accident, but they have not even been able to determine the location of the burial of the five missing persons.

This is because the fire department is having a hard time finding a rescue because the assembly work of the crane for dismantling, which Hyundai Development Company has decided to install, is slow and there is not enough equipment such as excavators.

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