5 Warning Signs That You’re Eating in a Bad Restaurant


10:00 am

Saturday 15 January 2022

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Finding a good restaurant can be difficult, but there are other hidden signs in a restaurant that you are eating at a bad restaurant, according to the “insider” and “mashed” sites.

  1. You are being ignored:

A general rule in restaurants is that people at the table must be greeted within 60 seconds of being seated.

But if you find yourself sitting for a long period of time and the staff is passing by your table without asking you what food you want to eat, this is an indication that this restaurant is bad and you should leave immediately.

  1. The place is completely empty of people:

If you go to a restaurant and find the place completely empty, this is a sign that no one else wants to eat at that place.

  1. Dirty menus:

There is no excuse for serving a table to customers with dirty tablecloths, and menus can get dirty very easily, especially in restaurants that serve bread or chips and sauce.

  1. The bathroom is dirty:

The bathroom should be as clean as the rest of the restaurant, and if the restaurant workers don’t clean the bathrooms, they obviously don’t care about the comfort of their customers.

  1. The waiter refused to sit you where you wanted to sit:

If the waiter wants you to be seated or not allow you to be seated where you want to be, leave the place immediately.


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