Xi Jinping: “I want to create a work that is not ashamed of the people”… Moon Jeong-eun continues


Amid China’s zeal for the entertainment industry, Chinese President Xi Jinping once again ordered the cultural world to follow the party’s literary and artistic policies.

According to the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping said in a letter to the members of the National Theater of China yesterday (25th), “We need to tell the story of China with all our heart and soul.” ” he wrote.

President Xi Jinping stressed that “members of the National Theater of Korea must consistently follow the party’s literary and artistic policies and policies,” and emphasized that “artists should work hard and serve silently on stage to create excellent works of moral and warmth.”

He added, “Great works that are not ashamed of the times and that are not ashamed of the people will contribute to the prosperity of the new generation of literary and artistic businesses and to enriching the spiritual world of the people.”

On the 14th, President Xi emphasized morality in the cultural and artistic circles in his speeches at the opening ceremony of the 11th National Congress of the Association of Chinese Literature and Arts and the 10th National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association.

At the time, President Xi emphasized that “culture and art should be popular, but not vulgar or secular, and should adhere to real life, but should not create or encourage bad ethos.”

It seems that China is trying to put popular culture, which has a huge impact on the general public, under the control of the party, beyond the level of expelling certain celebrities who caused a scandal through the movement.


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