With cold or hot water.. what is the optimal temperature for washing utensils?


11:00 am

Sunday 26 December 2021


Health experts recommend hygiene when preparing food in the kitchen, but sometimes we may not pay attention to small details that may affect our safety, such as the temperature of the water we use to wash dishes.

According to the recommendation of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the best thing is to wash the utensils with hot water and liquid soap, according to what the “Sky News” website mentioned.

Experts recommend hot water because it is better able to rid dishes of bacteria and small particles that may not be visible to the eye.

It does not stop at the health benefit, but the hot water helps to clean the dishes in a shorter time, which means getting out of the kitchen quickly, compared to washing with cold water.

And if you use cold water to wash the utensils, and its temperature is less than 32 degrees Celsius, the utensils will have a greasy feel when they dry out of the water.

In order to better accomplish this task in the kitchen, the spruce site advises placing the pots in the sink for some time so that they are submerged in hot water.

When the temperature in the water drops, the dishes will have largely rid themselves of what is stuck in them, and then they can be washed by hands, after wearing gloves in order to avoid any cuts or injury.

Experts also advise avoiding exposing the hands to very hot water, because this could lead to serious burns.


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