“We are no longer lovers”


Oliver Wnuk and Yvonne Catterfeld
“We are no longer lovers”

Oliver Wnuk and Yvonne Catterfeld performing together in Berlin.

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Oliver Wnuk and Yvonne Catterfeld separated a few months ago. The two stars have now announced this on Instagram.

Oliver Wnuk (45) and Yvonne Catterfeld (42) have announced their separation: “We spend Christmas together – but have not been lovers since this spring”, wrote the actor on Instagram. On too the singer’s account read the statement.

Regarding a snapshot in which the two of them huddled together in front of a Christmas background, it goes on to say: “Why do you usually talk about the failure of a relationship when you could say that you had a wonderful time together, the one now that way is over. “

They added: “The knowledge that – through our son alone – our paths will cross for a lifetime gives us a good feeling. We celebrate the festival of love – from now on just a little differently. Merry Christmas. Family Wnuk -Catterfeld “.

Son was born in 2014

Wnuk and Catterfeld rarely gave insights into their private lives. The two stars are said to have met while filming the movie “U-900” (2008). In 2014 the singer and actress gave birth to their son. Wnuk has a daughter from a previous relationship. The couple keep the children away from the public.

In September had Wnuk on Instagram Affectionate words passed to Catterfeld: For a selfie in which the two pose in front of the coast and sea, he wrote: “14 years ago this woman – which cannot be described by words – walked into my life and today we still address our son the hand – connected and smiling along the way. ” He added: “Forever grateful, you life beautifier.”



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