Verona Pooth: Burglars robbed your villa on Christmas Eve


Verona Pooth
Burglars robbed their villa on Christmas Eve

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Verona Pooth and her family expected a nasty surprise on Christmas Eve of all times: Burglars broke into their villa and stole jewelry, cash and valuables.

While Verona Pooth, 53, together with husband Franjo Pooth, 52, and their sons San Diego, 18, and Rocco, 10, enjoyed Christmas Eve with their in-laws, terrible things happened at their home in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. When the family came home on Friday evening around 11 p.m., they discovered broken pieces in front of their house and their small car was no longer in its place.

Verona Pooth: “I was so shocked that I just shivered”

“Franjo immediately stormed into the house,” recalls Verona Pooth in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. However, the thieves were already gone. “I was so shocked that I just shivered and couldn’t even dial 110.”

The burglars seem to have been thorough and wreaked havoc. “They were in every room, worst of all, even in the children’s room. They tore out the drawers and rummaged through everything,” said the 53-year-old. They are even said to have ripped out a safe anchored in the wall and stowed it in the gray Fiat 500 of the presenter with whom they escaped.

Burglars also stole their wedding jewelry

In addition to the stolen cash, handbags and jewelry worth several hundred thousand euros, Verona Pooth also lost items of emotional value. “All of my Cartier wedding jewelry is gone, including a Cartier Trinity ring that Franjo gave me for my birth in San Diego and that has our three names engraved on it,” she says. Her late mother’s inherited jewelry is now gone.

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How long it would take now before she feels comfortable in her own house again, she doesn’t know. “I feel defenseless like a turtle whose shell has been taken away,” says Verona.

The day before, the house of her neighbors friend had apparently already been broken into. Son Rocco went ice skating with his friend and his parents. When they got home, their youngest had even met the burglars. “Roccolito looked the burglars in the eye, and she looked at him too. They just ran away. But they could have had a gun and seriously injured him,” said the mother of two.

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