US hits 200,000 new confirmed cases a day… Child infection ’emergency’


In the United States, where Omicron mutations are spreading rapidly, nearly 200,000 new cases are emerging every day. In particular, the number of children patients has increased significantly.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won, New York.

During the Christmas holidays, there were endless lines of people trying to get tested for Corona in New York and other parts of the United States.

[코로나 검사 시민 : 지금 이 줄이 저 뒤에까지 이어지고 있어요. 저희는 여기서 2시간째 기다리고 있는 겁니다.]

[코로나 검사 시민 :우리가 코로나 바이러스를 퍼트릴 수 있기 때문에 검사를 받는 게 중요해요. 저는 백신도 맞았어요.]

Recently, the average daily number of new confirmed cases in the United States reached 197,000, approaching 200,000, which is a 65% increase from two weeks ago.

Amid growing concerns as a result of a study by Columbia University in the United States that the existing vaccine is insufficient to prevent Omicron mutation even if it receives a booster shot, concerns are growing.

In particular, I am concerned about the increase in the number of children diagnosed with Omicron as it spreads.

Although it is known that most of the confirmed children show only mild symptoms even if they contract the corona, the number of children who were admitted to the hospital complaining of headaches and stomachaches also increased by 30% compared to ten days ago, reaching 2,000.

Since children can transmit the virus to the vulnerable in the household if they are infected, there is a growing demand for more vaccinations for children aged 5 years and older.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)

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