This is how his “Bergdoktor” successor must be


Hans Sigl
This is how his “Bergdoktor” successor must be

For almost 15 years, Hans Sigl has been answering the phone as “Der Bergdoktor”.

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Soon “Der Bergdoktor” is going into its 15th season. Whether Martin Gruber actor Hans Sigl is gradually looking for a successor?

Since 2008, and thus for almost 15 years, Hans Sigl (52) has been working continuously on the Wilder Kaiser as “Der Bergdoktor” Martin Gruber. Nothing will change that quickly, after all, he has already signed for the next two seasons 16 and 17. In an interview with Sigl, Sigl is able to determine whether he will remain loyal to the successful ZDF format, which recently had an average of more than seven million viewers “Spiegel” not yet to say.

What is certain for him, however, is that “the point will come at some point.” [wird]where I say, dear audience, I think it’s good now. There is a lot more to discover. “Should this happen, he has a tip ready in the interview for all potential successors:” It has to be a colleague with good stamina. 90 minutes per episode, eight a year. It’s a marathon and it takes a lot of strength and a lot of love and a lot of dedication to the whole thing. “

Season 15 is about to start

“Der Bergdoktor” is a new edition of the series of the same name, which was broadcast from 1992 to 1997 on Sat.1. At that time, actor Gerhart Lippert (84) was practicing as Dr. Thomas Burgner and was last year by Harald Krassnitzer (61) as Dr. Justus Hallstein replaced. There will be new episodes with Hans Sigl from January 2022. On January 13th (8:15 pm, ZDF), a winter special called “Kalte Stille” heralds the 15th season, which starts a week later with the episode “Scheinwelten”. The other episodes also appear on Thursdays at prime time.


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