Thieves break into Verona Pooth’s villa


On Christmas Eve
Thieves break into Verona Pooth’s villa

Verona and Franjo Pooth were robbed on Christmas Eve.

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Christmas Eve was anything but reflective for Verona and Franjo Pooth: Thieves cleared the couple’s villa.

Christmas Eve held a nasty surprise in store for Verona (53) and Franjo Pooth (52). When they returned to their villa in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf after visiting Franjo’s parents, they were shocked to discover that the house had been ravaged by thieves. The newspaper “Image on Sunday” Verona Pooth reported on the terrifying incident. She was “so shocked [gewesen]that I just shivered and couldn’t even dial 110 “.

The couple had already noticed in front of the house that something was wrong. At one point in the driveway they found broken glass: “My car was just parked there,” said Verona Pooth. Finally, inside the villa, there was a picture of devastation. Even the children’s rooms were not spared. “They ripped out the drawers and rummaged through everything.”

The neighbors were also broken into

In addition to Verona’s car, her “complete wedding jewelry” was also stolen. Since then, the feeling of defenselessness has weighed heavily: “I don’t know how long it will be before I feel safe here again.” At the moment she is “like a turtle whose shell has been taken away”.

Especially since neighbors of the Pooths were also robbed the day before. Of all people, Pooth’s son Rocco (10) and the boyfriend he was next door to would have caught the burglars red-handed: “Roccolito looked the burglars in the eye, and so did him. They just ran away. But they would also have had a gun and seriously injured him can “, the worried mother imagines the horror scenario. It is unclear whether these were the same thieves who got on the Pooths on Christmas Eve.


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