Sweet family photo: Sarah Engels celebrates first Christmas with four people


Sarah Engels
She celebrates first Christmas with four people

Sarah Engels enjoys her Christmas party with husband Julian, son Alessio and daughter Solea.

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Sarah Engels, 29, is celebrating a very special Christmas this year: It is the first with daughter Solea Liana and therefore the first festival as a family of four.

Little Solea Liana saw the light of day on December 2, 2021 and has kept Sarah Engels, 29, and husband Julian Engels, 29, busy since then. Now the small family is already experiencing their first common milestone.

Sarah Engels shares sweet family shot

“Where life begins and love never ends,” writes the 29-year-old on Christmas Day via Instagram. And further: “We gave ourselves presents this year, first Christmas for four.” In addition, the “Mama” interpreter shares a sweet family photo, which she shows together with husband Julian and son Alessio, 6, as well as Baby Solea in her arms. The four pose beaming in front of an illuminated Christmas tree.

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Especially cute: daughter Solea looks like a little Christmas angel in her outfit. She wears a white lace dress with a dark red bow on her back. Sarah, on the other hand, chooses a light-colored mini dress with a leopard print.

Generous gift for Mama Engels

After the first presents on Christmas Eve, the celebrations continued for the family of four. They spent Christmas Day with Sarah’s family. Her mother was able to look forward to a particularly big surprise this year: She got a new car from her daughter. On Boxing Day, Julian’s family will go to Münsterland.

Sarah Engels

By the way: ex-husband and father of their son Alessio, Pietro Lombardi, 29, spends Christmas alone, as he writes in his Instagram story. “Just first Christmas alone in the hotel. Had a date with the kebab shop today,” he jokes and thinks: “Okay, too.”

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