Suncheon Seomyeon wildfire extinguished in 20 hours… 10 hectares of forest damage


A wildfire that occurred in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, yesterday (25th), on Christmas Day, was extinguished in 20 hours.

According to the Central Forest Fire Prevention Countermeasures Headquarters of the Korea Forest Service, the forest fire that occurred in Pangyo-ri, Seomyeon, Suncheon-si was completely extinguished around 11:20 am today.

The fire that occurred yesterday around 3:24 PM damaged 10 hectares of forest.

The Forest Service, local governments, and 119 dispatched 675 people, including 10 helicopters, 4 drones, and special firefighters and public officials.

The firefighters worked all night in the cold weather that recorded around -10 degrees below zero, with strong winds blowing.

Fearing damage from a gust of wind that rose up to 15 meters per second while changing directions, evacuated 39 nearby residents and built a fire line.

Authorities plan to conduct an on-site investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire and take legal action if it turns out to be a true story.

(Photo = provided by the Korea Forest Service, Yonhap News)

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