Strengthening quarantine measures such as England and Scotland… Review of non-vaccinated visits


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

In Scotland, England, and other countries, quarantine regulations have been tightened again.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have reintroduced restrictions on the number of gatherings, restrictions on the use of restaurants, etc., and social distancing, the BBC reported.

England is the region with the highest rate of COVID-19 infection, but no decision has been made yet.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced ‘Plan B’, such as recommending telecommuting and mandatory wearing of masks, but is taking a cautious approach as a revolt within the party broke out.

In the December 1-21 poll of 24,000 people, the Labor Party defeated the Conservatives (32%) by 8 percentage points with 40% of the vote to win the general election, and Prime Minister Johnson lost the constituency. It has been reported that the results are that

Opposition to the regulation is growing as the Health and Safety Administration (HSA) released an initial analysis last week that omicron mutations are less dangerous than delta mutations.

Conservative MP Graham Brady said in an online post in the mail that he welcomed cabinet opposition to further restrictions.

Schools are also discussing ways to conduct face-to-face classes normally after school starts in early January next year.

While the British government focused all its efforts on booster shots, they continued to vaccinate on Christmas Day.

Mail Online reported that authorities are considering door-to-door visits to unvaccinated people in areas where vaccination rates are low or where it is difficult to access vaccination centers.

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