Starting tomorrow, 1 million won in quarantine subsidies will be paid to small businesses with business restrictions


From tomorrow (27th), the quarantine subsidy will be provided to small businesses who have suffered damage due to the government’s quarantine measures against COVID-19.

According to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the recipients of the quarantine subsidy are small business owners and small businesses that have opened before December 15 of this year, whose sales have decreased or are expected to decrease, and each company receives 1 million won in support.

Starting tomorrow, the government will start paying the first payments to about 700,000 small businesses with limited business hours.

They can apply immediately without any supporting documents.

Applications for the quarantine subsidy can be made on the dedicated website ‘Small business quarantine’ from 9 am on the 27th.

For the first two days, an odd-even system applies.

Tomorrow, only small business owners with odd numbers at the end of their business registration numbers can apply, and on the 28th, only those with even numbers can apply.

From the 29th, you can apply regardless of odds or odds.

Those eligible for the first payment will receive a text message from the government, and small business owners who have received the text message and applied for it will, in principle, be paid on the same day.

However, for businesses with limited business hours that require confirmation of facilities by the local government and about 50,000 places, such as when a co-representative power of attorney is required, a separate notice will be given in mid-January.

To about 2 million small businesses that are not subject to business hours restrictions, such as travel and lodging businesses, who have received Support Plus or Hope Recovery Fund, we will start providing quarantine subsidies on the 6th of next month.

The government will pay sequentially to those who are not eligible after checking whether sales have decreased after the middle of the next month when taxation data are available.

Detailed application criteria, application procedures, etc. can be found in the announcement of the small business quarantine subsidy on the website of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

The government will also operate a call center (1533-0100) for the quarantine subsidy for small businesses starting tomorrow.

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