Silvia Pinal: When will the actress be discharged?


After being hospitalized preventively by testing positive for contagion by COVID-19, the actress Silvia Pinal could be mobilized to the intensive care area after to remain under observation in the COVID area.

Although there is no estimated day when the lead actress could return home, her daughter Sylvia Pasquel reported that by not presenting the usual symptoms of COVID, the doctors consider that Silvia’s hospitalization will be short, according to El Universal, by sharing the most recent family report and explaining that Pinal is stable and with high possibilities of leaving, for now, the COVID monitoring area.

“He did not say that my mother is very well, that she is still asymptomatic, that the night had a good time, which has been eating very well ”, according to the statements made by Sylvia Pasquel during this weekend in which the Christmas festivities were celebrated.

What is Silvia Pinal’s health status?

According to the information offered by the Pinal dynasty, the actress was identified with a bacterium in the urinary tract, although initially they were symptoms related to pressure, which alarmed the family to hospitalize her as a preventive measure against a possible contagion by COVID-19, however, the family also specified the protagonist of “The Exterminating Angel” has all its anti-COVID vaccination scheme.

“And if she maintained that picture of improvement, no pressure (for which she was taken to the hospital), to see if there was the possibility of transferring her to a room in intensive care, where she would also be confined,” Pasquel explained during this weekend. of week.

Among the most recent publications of some members of the Pinal dynasty, through social networks, Sylvia Pasquel shared a couple of photographs reunited with Stephani Salas and her daughter Michell Salas, and Silvia Galván, wishing her followers a Merry Christmas. Michell Salas, Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter, shared on her Instagram account a photograph of her grandmother pointing out that she misses her, gestured that she encouraged her followers to share good wishes for the speedy recovery of the actress who also starred in the film “A Stranger in stairs”.



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