Putin: “We will respond militarily in various ways if the West refuses to guarantee security”


Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will respond in a variety of military and technological ways if the United States and NATO reject Russia’s offer of security guarantees.

In an interview with state TV show ‘Russia 1’ (Russia 1), President Putin said, answered.

“The response can be very diverse, it depends on the suggestions our military experts make to me,” Putin explained.

This is a warning that if security-related negotiations with the United States fail, we will respond through various military and technical measures suggested by our military advisers.

Putin said Russia would work to achieve positive outcomes in negotiations with the United States and NATO, such as signing legally binding documents.

Putin also insisted that Russia has been pushed to a point where it can no longer back down on security issues.

Kremlin spokeswoman Dmitry Peskov said in the same program that “there exists a threat of further expansion of NATO’s political and military infrastructure towards the Russian border.” It’s really a matter of life and death for us.”

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)


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