Putin: ‘Various military responses’ to denial of security guarantees from the West


Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will respond in a variety of military and technological ways if the United States and NATO reject Russia’s offer of security guarantees.

In an interview with the weekend program ‘Moscow Kremlin Putin’ on his state TV ‘Russia 1’ on the 26th local time, Putin said, ‘If the US and NATO do not accept Russia’s proposal again, what will Russia’s military and technological response be like? In response to the host’s question, ‘Is it?

“The response can be very diverse, it depends on the suggestions our military experts make to me,” Putin explained.

Still, Russia said it would work to achieve positive outcomes in negotiations with the United States and NATO, such as signing legally binding documents.

“We did not make any proposals to stop something in the negotiation process, but rather to achieve diplomatic negotiations that are legally stipulated in the form of documents,” he said.

Putin also insisted that Russia has been pushed to a point where it can no longer back down on security issues.

“We’ve already talked about the dangers of a new (NATO) missile system that takes only four or five minutes to fly to Moscow,” he said.

In the West, claims have been raised that Russia has recently deployed about 100,000 troops and weapons to neighboring Ukraine and is preparing for an invasion early next year.

Russia refutes that military movement within its own country is entirely a sovereign decision, and there is no problem with it, and the West is fighting a war of propaganda to rationalize its military support to Ukraine.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)


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