Prosecutors indict Korea’s largest patent search service company for ‘unqualified appraisal work’


The 12th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Deputy Prosecutor Lee Deok-jin) handed over three people, including the CEO of W Company, Mr. disposition was made.

Mr. Lee and others are accused of conducting legal affairs, such as appraisal regarding the registration, invalidation, and potential infringement of patents, trademarks, and designs with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, 52 times from July 2018 to November 2020, while not being lawyers or patent attorneys.

As a result of the prosecution’s investigation, it was found that they received payment from customers to handle legal affairs by providing appraisal reports on patents, etc., and posted advertisements to that effect on the website.

Prosecutors determined that they performed tasks that only lawyers or patent attorneys could do, beyond the scope of general patent research tasks, such as prior art research, collection, analysis, and processing of patent-related information.

After the prosecution by the Korean Patent Attorneys Association in November of last year, the prosecution searched and searched the Seoul headquarters and Daejeon branch of Company W, and concluded that there were suspicions.

An official from the prosecution explained, “The side effects of legal appraisal work by unqualified persons whose expertise has not been verified have been prevented and the work fields of professionally qualified persons and private companies have been clarified.”

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