‘Omicron petri dish’ cruise ships refused entry one after another


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Amid the rapid spread of Omicron, a mutant virus of COVID-19, there are a number of cases in which cruise ships are banned from entering or disembarking.

After cruise operations resumed after 15 months, the industry has strengthened policies such as vaccination, but countries have strengthened their vigilance posture as new threats such as breakthrough infections and omicron mutations emerged.

According to CNN and The Washington Post (WP), at least four cruise ships have been denied entry or disembarkation of passengers in the Americas this week alone.

Holland America Line’s ‘Corningsdam’, carrying 1,000 passengers and 870 crew, departed from San Diego, California on the 19th and arrived in Puerto Vallarta, but disembarkation was prohibited after 21 confirmed cases on board were confirmed.

Mexican authorities initially planned to allow disembarkation only to those who tested negative, but the number of confirmed cases has increased exponentially, it said on the 23rd local time.

It is a sharp increase from one confirmed case in a week.

The company announced that “a small number of confirmed patients were vaccinated, and all showed mild or asymptomatic symptoms.”

On the 22nd and 23rd, respectively, on the 22nd and 23rd, entry into the Caribbean island of Bonaire and Aruba were denied entry to the ‘Carnival Freedom’, operated by the cruise liner Carnival, as there were a small number of confirmed cases.

The Odyssey of the Sea, operated by the Royal Caribbean, also found 55 confirmed cases, and entry into two Caribbean islands was banned.

Seven Seas Mariners of Regent Seven Seas Cruises have confirmed 7 confirmed cases, and authorities in Cartagena, Colombia, have banned disembarkation on the 22nd.

The U.S. completely suspended cruise operations after the pandemic in March last year, but in June this year, it was allowed to resume cruise travel on condition of vaccination.

Cruise lines have also strengthened quarantine rules and resumed cruise ship operations after 15 months, but the number of infections on board the ship continues, starting with the Carnival Vista, belonging to the Carnival Cruise Line, where 27 confirmed cases were confirmed in August.

Although these companies are focusing on management and prevention by strengthening health guidelines such as wearing indoor masks and compulsory vaccination, they are sensitively accepting a small number of infected people at their destinations due to the rapid spread of o-micron mutations.

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